About Us.

Amy and Simon have taken very different paths that brought them both to this place.

Before they were married 14 years ago, Amy had helped out in a number of her family's restaurants in Bangkok, selling both Thai and Western foods. She helped to cook, serve, and run the restaurants until she took a break to raise their family. If you were to venture to Bangkok today you would still be able to visit her family restaurants selling both Thai and Vietnamese dishes, freshly made ice creams and speciality coffees.
Simon's first experience of catering was at 20 years old when he talked his way into a cooks position in a backpacker hostel in Jerusalem, Within a few years he was leading adventure tours all over the world, often having to cook 3 course meals in the wilderness with the minimum of equipment. Choosing a more settled life once he met Amy, he has still enjoyed cooking for large gatherings and events, and will be bringing adventure into his offerings wherever possible!


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"Ever since I was a little girl helping in my family restaurant it has been my dream to bring Thai food to enthusiasts and the curious. It will be my pleasure to welcome you into our little cafe for a welcome break."
- Amy Sweet